About Hi-EduCARBON

Learning, teaching and training regarding increase awareness of greenhouse gas emissions and removals determinations is of great importance nowadays taking into consideration global environmental changes. Four universities from four countries agreed to share the knowledge and experience in the abovementioned field. Hi-EduCarbon courses carried out in person and online, as well as their presentation on the website, social networks will make sure that more and more people can participate in education and expand their knowledge and skills in this key global area of interest. This is the key goal of the project.
The primary objective of the project is to support all cooperated Universities in their internationalisation process. Mobility, exchanges, experiences, and transfer technology will be the key points to hold this project. Partner universities will be participated in educational process (trainings, webinars, workshops) in all strategy fields as follows:

Determining the greenhouse gas emissions and removals on:


HEAD of the project
prof. Ing. Silvia VILČEKOVÁ, PhD.
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Action Type: KA220-HED
Cooperation partnerships in higher education